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Cyber Security Franchise


Our cybersecurity franchise gives you the unique opportunity to take a seat on the front row of one of the fastest growing industries. By becoming our Area Development Franchisee (ADF) you will be able to offer and deliver high-end cybersecurity services and products (territory exclusively) following our unique approach.

How does it work?



  1. GCV provides trainings while the franchise partner conducts research and develops a target list of leads
  2. Franchise partner qualifies leads into prospects using resources and pre-sales techniques provided by GCV
  3. Franchise partner using GCV proprietary systems gathers all information of a prospect and receives a quotation for proposal
  4. Franchise partner closes deals with clients and plans delivery with GCV
  5. GCV team delivers services and products in the scope of the project



What makes GCV cybersecurity franchise beneficial?


First and unique franchise program in cybersecurity: it will give you a unique selling point in the industry with high demand for specialized services


Huge potential market – every company or organization is a potential customer no matter size or industry


You will be first and unique – We provide master franchise and exclusivity for a particular territory


Small initial franchise fee – We require a small initial fee, an insignificant amount compared to the projected revenue even for the initial months


Small or even no investment necessary – We provide trainings, know-how, access to our knowledge base and systems, branding, so no investment in appliances or assets is required


No risk: 100% franchise fee reimbursement program: depending on the results can be reimbursed within 12 months


Low operational cost: We give an opportunity to work in the field of high added value services so all operational costs are related to human force


Extremely competitive value proposition – We deliver services that require highly educated and certified experts while having our cybersecurity teams located in the most competitive and cost-effective locations in Europe recently called “The new Silicon Valley”


Generous conditions for revenue distribution – Reasonable franchise royalty fee paid after a calendar month is completed and reported to GCV.